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Kesh Kesh Coffee Roasters & Cafe

Kesh Kesh Coffee Roastery is a coffee roaster that sources speciality Arabica coffee beans across East Africa.

Kesh Kesh, is an Eritrean word that refers to the motion of coffee roasting on a pan, during the roasting process in the traditional Eritrean coffee ceremony.

The coffee ceremony is an old tradition ritual that serves as a vital opportunity for family and friends to connect and build their community bond.

Kesh Kesh engages clients through educating them on the coffee ceremony from green coffee bean to the last cup. Kesh Kesh distributes its roasted coffee beans to local and international markets.

Robert NyaosiRobert Nyaosi
06:13 26 Sep 23
Good coffee
Evans BettEvans Bett
10:52 25 Sep 23
Bryn DukesBryn Dukes
13:23 23 Sep 23
Jeff LebowskiJeff Lebowski
07:51 23 Sep 23
20:45 21 Sep 23
Offers the best
Elin MurlessElin Murless
07:30 19 Sep 23
Beautiful Ethiopian food
sirak ogubaisirak ogubai
20:27 18 Sep 23
David AdrianceDavid Adriance
12:48 17 Sep 23
Tucked away in a quiet corner of Kileleshwa. Delightful, relaxing and welcoming vibe. Superb single estate coffee from Kenya and several other East African countries, roasted on site. Delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine. Great place to hang out and enjoy for a couple of hours.
john shikukujohn shikuku
20:47 09 Sep 23
Jose LuisJose Luis
09:45 09 Sep 23
Hands down, the best coffee experience in Nairobi
Ange AngeAnge Ange
04:14 05 Sep 23
My Sunday dating, Had one of my list of visits before , I ordered smoothies and tibsi keyhi,it was tastefully and flavoured foods they have excellent service all my request met and they did it with smile
Jane JINJane JIN
08:23 21 Aug 23
Nice and strong coffee, nice Kesh breakfast
Georgiana GireaGeorgiana Girea
09:38 20 Aug 23
15:24 14 Aug 23
My go to in Nairobi! They even do flat whites. Great staff and great coffee.
Pak LouPak Lou
09:11 14 Aug 23
WILL NOT RECOMMEND - Came with my family following the strong reviews. Very disappointed and would not return.Pro: nice decor and environmentCons: see below.We were a group of four. We ordered: A pasta arrabbiata, full English breakfast, meat samosa, Jebena coffee, flat white, dawa w honey. The service was very slow, albeit being the only sit in customer at the time. Food and drinks came at the same time, so we were left without a drink for a long while.Food: the pasta was extremely spicy! You will find pieces of green bird eye chilli in the arrabbiata (which is a very unusual thing to find). I had one bite and my partner brought it to the staff’s attention. I indicated that I do not want any more/other food and the food was taken away. The full English breakfast was equally poor - it had no flavour at all - we had two bites, and the rest was left untouched.We had asked for a shot of milk as well to serve with the black coffee. To my surprise, this shot of milk, is charged at 100 Ksh.Our total bill was Ksh 3600 - charged at full price, and nope, no one came to discuss the experiences, the meal, why was it not finished, what can be done.We paid and can’t leave quick enough.
06:29 13 Aug 23
Coffee: 9/10 😎 the best Macchiato in Nairobi so farStaff friendliness: 8:10The above was an old review of Kesh Kesh at their old location. Now? Nice space, coffee ok, but food eish. Service is also so-so.
The Cunning CucumberThe Cunning Cucumber
16:59 10 Aug 23
Evans NyangwesoEvans Nyangweso
20:47 07 Aug 23
Nice place
13:55 07 Aug 23
Ravi ChhaniyaraRavi Chhaniyara
13:10 07 Aug 23
Eritrean coffee house ,nice little place, wonderful coffee
Cheyenne C. BraganzaCheyenne C. Braganza
08:20 25 Jul 23
Nice place and good service and great coffee. However, there was only one vegan breakfast option but it was just okay, would love to see a vegan protein or side other than just zucchini and eggplant mix served with bread.
hitesh kapoorhitesh kapoor
16:33 11 Jun 23
Excellent place , good for unwinding over an Ethiopian coffee with light snacks and bitting.Only issue I saw was that the chef was handling food with bare hands and no cap . Did not eat my chicken salad completely after what I saw. Yucks 🤮Check their kitchen before you order the food. Coffee is fine though. I enjoyed the rest ...
Orna BakshiOrna Bakshi
17:20 12 Apr 23
We enjoyed the place, the food, the coffee, the music and the wonderful service of the kind people. Very recommended!
Hayley CombaluzierHayley Combaluzier
15:59 06 Apr 23
Great restaurant/cafe. Clean, spacious, friendly staff and delicious Eritrean food & coffee! Came here to work for the day and the wifi was great + plenty of outlets.
Jeff YoungJeff Young
11:40 26 Feb 23
ABSOLUTE WORST Business in NairobiI called to pick up some coffee Beans – I selected a 1 kg bag that was clearly marked 1 Kg and paid for it. I was then told it was only 800g – Okay whatever.I was then told that I could not have one off the shelf but they would get it. A couple of minutes later, I was told that it would be 15 minutes.I was running late, so I said that I could not wait and could I please have my money back. The staff just ignored me. I asked again and again – politely at first. Not one of the staff did anything – they did not even have the courtesy to answer me. I had to ask or demand my money 9 times!They kept me waiting until they brought the coffee – by this time I was very angry as I have never been so badly treated by so many staff members in my life.I insisted that I get my money back and will never go back. If they cannot even label their coffee the right weight and if that is how they treat customers, I would not be risk to eat or drink there.
Linda MLinda M
07:18 02 Dec 22
Visited yesterday 1/11/22. Ordered a double latte and a hot chocolate. I specified that the latte should be very hot. It was lukewarm at best. We paid and left only to find that someone had parked behind us and we couldn't leave. The Askaris informed us that the owner of that car was at Kesh Kesh. A female staff member in a traditional Eritrean outfit was adamant that he wasn't there. She kept passing notes to the Askaris which was highly suspicious. Long story short, we missed a very important meeting because the owner of the car showed up 40 minutes later. He was indeed at Kesh Kesh apparently meeting with the owner or manager. He asked why he wasn't called earlier since they all knew where he was. That whole experience left a really bad taste in out mouths and we have no intention of ever returning and neither would we recommend it.
11:17 24 Oct 22
Their cappuccinos are something close to perfect. The food is nice, too. I come 30 minutes early for lunch meetings to have some alone time with the latte art and crema. Truly world class.
keto chopketo chop
13:49 01 May 22
Amazing coffee. Food is pretty good. Environment is very relaxing they have free wifi and many outlets if you want to do some work.
Myra MuiliMyra Muili
08:33 24 Mar 22
Kesh Kesh is wonderful for a brunch. The environment is chill and the menu lives up to the hype. If you wanna try Eritrean cuisines, check it out.
Melissa M.Melissa M.
17:00 23 Feb 22
This place is amazing! Light and airy ambiance, friendly staff with good service, and amazing food!! I had the shiro (best while hot) and immediately texted my friend to ask her to come with me sometime to try it. I had a demoralizing day before coming here but left feeling better. Will be back to try their coffee!Update: they have moved locations and the new ambience is lovely while the staff and Eritrean food remains just as wonderful. Check out their house-roasted coffee beans too. Adding some photos of the new place
Grace PotmaGrace Potma
15:21 18 Dec 21
EXCELLENT place, great service, FANTASTIC coffee, delicious tasty food. 10/10. Have already been coming back. Also so many lovely touches that make this place a gem. Eg the Ethiopian coffee comes with popcorn and incense - made my day. Beautiful cozy yet fresh ambiance.