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Coffee Is Life

In Eritrea, coffee is not just a drink, it is a ceremony, a ritual, a part of a old tradition which creates the opportunity to spend meaningful time with friends and family. Eritrea is one of the few countries in the world that has their own traditional coffee ceremony. This ceremony is performed by Eritrean women and most people enjoy it as part of their daily ritual. It is a time when friends and family can gather to share news and enrich their friendship. It also reflects a respect for the elderly and a spiritual time where people can give thanks for their blessings.


Our Coffee


Our coffee is East African specialty coffee, sourced from a single origin.  Each of our blends have been named after culturally significant pieces of the Eritrean coffee ceremony. From the Meshrefet that we use to remove impurities from the pure coffee, to the Fernelo that we use to roast the beans, to the elegant Jebena in which we boil our coffee, to finally the Finjal cup in which it is served. Each coffee blend is as thoughtful as the cultural component it represents.

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